Install the Car System diagnostics (CSD) device on your Nissan Leaf and start your journey to a safer, more reliable car.

Read moreThe car-specific system is part of Nissan’s ‘Car Sense’ software, which monitors your car from every angle to make it easier to spot issues, such as overheating and engine overheating.

Nissan says the car-related system can detect your car on the road, but not inside, by analysing a variety of data from sensors, sensors and other cars, as well as other data that your car could collect during normal driving.

The car system can tell you what kind of engine you’re driving, for example, and can also warn you of any problems, like overheating, in case you’re concerned about your safety.

The device can also help Nissan understand how the car is performing, and whether it’s in peak or off-peak performance.

Nissan is currently working on a feature to automatically identify these areas in the vehicle, so you can avoid the need to drive the car with your eye on it, and not with your hands on it.

If you’re already using the car’s automatic parking feature, you can also install the car system diagnostic device, with the key feature being that you can’t install it while you’re still driving.

Nissan explains that if you’re not already using this feature, the car sensor will only recognise when the carpark is full, and you’ll need to switch it off and then turn it on again, which is not a great idea.

Nissan says that it plans to roll out a ‘new feature’ to this feature soon, but until then, you’ll be able to download the car diagnostics software for free, and use it as you normally would.

Nissan claims that the software will also be used by the car companies to analyse and report on how the cars driving environment is affecting the cars performance.

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