By now you’re probably wondering what exactly is going on with your car’s Bluetooth.

If you’ve been following the news over the past few months, you know that Google is trying to make cars much more intelligent by adding smart features to them.

That includes a feature that allows the car to automatically change lanes when you turn left or right and a feature called “lane change assist.”

This new feature could allow the car’s software to help drivers in a pinch when they’re driving into traffic, but there’s no word yet on what that will actually look like.

We’ve also learned that Google has been working on a new way for cars to detect when they are behind other cars and adjust their behavior accordingly.

There’s also been talk of a new “driver assistance” feature called Google Car Vision.

And now we’ve got some more information on what those features are and what they’ll do.

For starters, the car in question will only be able to detect if it’s behind another car or on a road that is in front of it.

This will allow the driver to adjust the way the car responds to other vehicles.

That means if you have a car that’s behind the front passenger in a traffic jam, you might not want to turn around to avoid hitting a car.

You might instead want to take your chances and try to drive around the back of the car and take the same route.

Google also claims that this will help cars recognize other cars when they see a green car coming and can adjust the speed of its response accordingly.

Of course, it’ll also be able tell you what speed you should be driving.

You’ll also have the ability to “drive” the car by using Google Maps, Google Home or voice commands.

This is a big deal for people who are in unfamiliar places.

If the car is behind you, it won’t be able, for example, to tell you to turn off your radio or to “get in your seat.”

If you’re in a congested area and it’s hard to tell what’s coming, you’ll be able use Google Maps to figure out where the traffic is.

If you are in a place where you need to drive quickly, you will also be given the option to have the car automatically adjust your speed based on traffic conditions.

This could be useful in a busy area when you’re stuck in traffic.

There will also also be a feature for people driving in narrow lanes.

This feature will let you switch lanes if you see other cars ahead of you, but only if you’re driving in a straight line.

The first thing you’ll notice when you try this feature is that it’s very similar to what we see in Google Maps.

It’s not exactly a Google car, but it will look like a Google vehicle with a Google logo on the hood.

The car will also have a navigation system similar to the one you’d find on your smartphone.

It will also include a voice assistant, but that won’t work unless you’re connected to a compatible smartphone.

The feature will also work with Google’s Android Auto.

This means you’ll have to install the car app on your phone and have the phone paired to your car.

Once you’re done, the system will recognize the car you’re using and ask for permission to access your location and apps.

The navigation system will also allow the system to send you directions to specific locations, like a parking space, but not for those that you’ve already entered into Google Maps or Google Home.

So, what exactly does this all mean?

Well, the first thing we should point out is that Google hasn’t yet released the features that it claims will be added to Google Car.

In fact, Google has only shown off a handful of them.

The big announcement, however, is that there will be a “driver assist” feature.

If this feature works, it could be a big boost for Google’s efforts to make autonomous cars more common.

We don’t know yet if Google is planning on implementing this feature on all cars in the near future, but if it does, you can expect to see it added to cars from automakers like Mercedes, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Nissan, and others soon.

You can read more about the features Google Car will be able do at this link .

The feature itself will be pretty basic and it won’ be a while before you can use it.

It’ll also depend on how long it takes Google to get the feature right.

The real star of this whole thing is the “lane-change assist” system.

This would allow you to make changes to the way you drive the car.

This system is supposed to work on a “first come, first served” basis.

It could take the form of a driver request, or it could take place by using a device like a steering wheel, a radio or a smartphone app.

In either case, you need your car to be in a specific lane.

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