Axios users can now share their stories about the opioid epidemic with the hashtag #OpioidEpidemic, which was created on Sunday by Axios writer and producer Chris Smith.

It’s been a year since Axios launched the hashtag, and now, users can post their stories anonymously.

The platform was founded by Smith and Axios co-founder Brian McNamara.

It started out as a platform for sharing stories, but it now has thousands of stories from people across the country.

“This is the biggest story of the year, it’s a story about the future of the opioid abuse epidemic, and it’s going to take all of us to save lives,” McNamara told Axios.

“If we keep at it and continue to get people in front of the camera and share their personal stories, we can actually make a difference.”

More: Axios CEO and co-founders Brian McNama and Chris Smith have launched a new service called #OpiodEpidome, which is a platform to share your story anonymously.

Smith shared his story about losing his mother to an opioid overdose in 2017, which became a viral sensation.

The story caught the attention of McNamara, who wrote the story.

“He was an addict and a heroin addict,” McNama said.

“His family was struggling.

He was living with his father, and his mother had overdosed and died.

He went to the hospital, and he didn’t have the strength to stay there, so he ended up at the ER.

And when they got him out, he was so overwhelmed that he didn

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