1 of 7 The best cars in the country in 2016 are the electric ones.

In fact, the best electric vehicle in the world is a Toyota Prius, and that’s not even counting the Prius Plug-in Hybrid.

But we’re not even talking about the other EVs on the market.

We’re talking about a brand new one.

The Prius E was announced last year, and the company hasn’t released much new info about it.

But it has been getting more attention than any other electric car, which is a good thing.

The electric car revolution has been happening in the U.S. for some time now.

With all the hype, some people wondered whether or not the new Prius could become a real competitor to Tesla.

The answer is yes, and this is a car that can.

Its design and features have been a long time coming.

The E is the first car in the industry to feature an electric motor, and it’s also the first to offer a fully autonomous driving system.

It uses a hybrid of lithium ion batteries and an electric motors that charge via solar panels on the roof of the car.

This means the car can drive for more than half the time on a single charge.

But the car doesn’t actually need to be charged for a while.

There are also charging ports on the front of the Priuses E. The plug-in battery pack has the ability to keep going for up to two days without charging, and once the battery is full it can be charged again.

And because of the hybrid motor, it can also take a lot of charge without any loss of power.

In short, the E can be fully charged for three days and fully discharged for two.

It’s a much smaller car than many other EVs.

In comparison, the Nissan Leaf is bigger and more powerful, but the battery pack is so much smaller that the Leaf only gets about half as many miles on a charge.

And the battery can only take one charge.

That means the E is far more power-efficient than most other EVs, which means it’s even more efficient when it comes to driving.

It can accelerate to 60 mph in 2.6 seconds, which makes it quicker than most EVs on sale.

And when it hits a wall, the EV’s battery will charge the car and keep going.

The biggest issue with the EV is the cost.

At least initially, it’s going to cost $29,000 for the base model.

The car is going to be even more expensive when you add in the option of the Power Pack, which adds a ton of extra power to the vehicle.

That’s because the EV will be the only one that offers the ability for the battery to be used as a generator, which requires an additional battery pack.

You can read more about the EV on the New York Times car blog, but it’ll probably cost you more than that.

But if you’re in the market for an electric car that’s better for your wallet, the Prizres E could be the right choice.

It starts at $2900, but you can get the E for less if you buy it with the Power Package.

And if you want to get a little bit more expensive, you can also pick up the E Hybrid, which comes with the optional all-electric drive system.

The new Prizre E Hybrid is the only EV that includes a hybrid drive system that’s both a good option and a bargain.

But there’s also a third option that comes with a $2,000 option.

That option is the Plug-In Hybrid, an all-wheel-drive system that will be a good deal at $17,000.

And as the name suggests, this is an EV that’s designed to go all-by-wire.

It includes an electric steering wheel, pedals, and brake pedals.

It also comes with an integrated solar array, which will power the vehicle when it needs to recharge its batteries.

It costs $5,000 when it’s added to your purchase.

The Plug-ins E Hybrid also comes standard with a hybrid-electric powertrain, which includes a six-speed transmission, a six battery pack, and a six speed drivetrain.

The Power Pack also comes as an option, which can cost you $2 a month if you purchase it with a plug-ins charge.

For $2 more, you get an all electric drive system, which offers all-day acceleration, regenerative braking, and all-terrain driving.

There’s also an all new driving mode called Sport mode.

Sport mode lets the car drive for up and down roads in a controlled way.

The driving mode is more fun and less aggressive than the standard mode, which features more road noise.

If you’re going to buy an EV, you’ll want to pick up a plug and play system that offers all the best features for the price.

It won’t cost you a fortune, but at least

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