Independence Care Systems, a non-profit organization that provides affordable care for people with disabilities in the state of New Jersey, is set to launch a free nursing home care system.

The company will offer free care for residents in its facilities, as well as a limited range of services.

Independence Care CEO Scott Tullberg said in a statement that the program is intended to be a pilot program and that its launch is imminent.

He said the system will be available to residents who have already received Medicaid, Medicare or private health insurance.

Tullberg also said the company is partnering with a nursing home company in New Jersey to offer a limited number of services to residents. 

The announcement comes as the state faces a growing crisis in the healthcare system.

New Jersey’s healthcare system has long struggled to cope with a large number of people living in care homes.

In recent years, the number of uninsured New Jerseyans has increased dramatically, to more than 13.5 million by early 2016, according to the latest federal census.

The crisis has forced some healthcare providers to close and hospitals have been forced to close or lay off workers. 

Tullovs goal is to provide free care to people who cannot afford it and is expected to create 1,500 jobs in the industry.

The news comes on the heels of a New Jersey legislature panel approving a plan to privatize the state’s healthcare, which the state has been attempting to implement since at least 2018. 

New Jersey has been trying to privatized its healthcare since 2018, but the plan has been stalled in the legislature.

The plan would have seen the state buy out a portion of the nation’s largest healthcare companies, such as Anthem and Aetna.

Anthem and other healthcare companies have a history of misusing the Affordable Care Act and using the system as a vehicle to expand their business.

Aetna and other large healthcare companies are trying to push the state to adopt the privatized plan, but New Jersey lawmakers have been slow to approve the plan.

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