Posted May 07, 2019 10:17:48 New Zealand’s Government is to launch a new system for car-charging stations to make the technology safer and more secure.

Key points:The Government will install the system to allow cars to park safely at petrol stations and petrol stations to have a safe place to parkThey say the technology will reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries due to car theftThe Government said the system will make it easier for drivers to park in car parks and at petrol pumpsIt will be installed at petrol, diesel and petrol and diesel and diesel petrol stations by the end of the year, and will be operated by the Department of Transport.

The new system is aimed at saving lives.

It will provide drivers with a safe and secure place to stop their cars, while allowing them to park at petrol and petrol pumps.

“The use of car jack systems is an essential component in reducing vehicle fatalities, and the Government is committed to making this a reality as soon as possible,” Transport Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

“A new system will allow car owners to park their cars safely, even if they are parked illegally, without the risk of being killed or injured.”

This will allow drivers to drive safely, safely and safely, in the car parks of New Zealand and across New Zealand.

“I believe the safety of the public is an important element in the decision-making process when it comes to using these new technologies.”

Key pointsThe Government is developing the system at a petrol station in Wairarapa, and plans to roll it out nationwide later this yearNew Zealand petrol stations will now be able to have car jack stationsA new car charger system will be in place at petrol station petrol stationsThe Government has already installed a car charger at petrol pump stations in Northland, Southland and Taranaki.

“It is a technology that we will look at with the new Minister, so we are working closely with the industry to develop a system that works for all of New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland,” Mr Arderne said.

“The Minister is confident the technology is safe and will help us reduce the death and serious injury of car thieves.”

The Government says the new system would help to protect people’s lives, and that drivers will have more confidence to use the facilities.

The Government’s car jack installation has been welcomed by car industry groups, but critics are calling for tougher penalties for car thieves and those who steal a vehicle.

“They [the Government] have not been listening to the people who are already affected, but it’s clear they have no idea how dangerous the technology really is,” John Cairns from the National Automobile Dealers Association said.

He said the government should invest in educating motorists about the risks of using carjack systems.

“We need to get rid of the old laws that protect motorists, they should stop using them, and start making changes to ensure the safety and security of New Australians,” Mr Cairn said, urging the Government to work with car industry representatives to ensure car jack usage is regulated and safer.

Mr Ardernd said the Government was committed to addressing the “very real” issues of car theft and carjack incidents.

“These incidents have a real impact on New Zealanders’ lives and the lives of their loved ones,” she said.

Ms Arderni said the new car charging system would save lives.

“When a carjack occurs, it’s a real concern for people,” she told AM.

“If you’ve got a car that’s stolen, you’re in serious danger and you don’t have the confidence in the safety, security or security of the vehicle to park it safely.”

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