Atlas car microphones have been on the market for some time, but now they are being rolled out to consumers and are coming to market on a nationwide basis.

And while the company behind the system says it was created to address the needs of law enforcement agencies in the field, many in the industry believe it’s also going to be used to make sure the cars you’re driving are properly secured.

The new mic system is an integrated system, meaning it can be used in combination with a car’s other audio systems, such as head restraints, rearview cameras, and even the front windshield wipers.

The company has been testing the system out with law enforcement departments in California, Arizona, and Washington, D.C. and has received positive feedback from those agencies.

“We have had a number of officers say that they really like it and appreciate that they’re getting it at a reasonable price,” says Mark McNeil, president of the Automobile Institute of America, an industry group that represents the car audio industry.

“It’s the same kind of solution that we see in airports now that we’re having a lot of security questions.”

The company also says that it will be able to offer its product to a variety of automakers.

“If you want to go with a brand new model like the Lexus, it doesn’t matter,” McNeil says.

“You can buy it on Atlas or the other major automakers.”

But it’s not just cars that are being fitted with the system.

The system also has an ability to work with a range of other audio devices, including a phone, tablet, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

The microphones can be connected to the vehicle’s interior as well as to the dashboard or side mirrors.

There are also options to connect the mic to a car alarm system or a security camera, and Atlas says it is working on adding additional options for other vehicles.

In addition to being able to communicate with the car, Atlas says the system is designed to make the cars audio systems “significantly more secure.”

It says that this will help to keep people from having to unlock their cars to access the dashboards or other audio equipment.

“Because the systems we have now are not as secure as they could be, they do not allow for a driver to be able access the interior of a vehicle and remove a key,” McNeill says.

Atlas has said that it is planning to introduce the system to other automakers in the coming months.

While the company says that the systems are currently available in select markets, it will not be the first to offer it, so you can keep your eyes peeled.

Atlas is currently rolling out the system in the United States and is targeting a wide variety of vehicles.

The car audio system is expected to be available in all vehicles in 2018.

Atlas did not immediately respond to Ars’ request for comment.

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