Time article The iPhone is getting ready to go into production.

As we know, the iPhone’s development has been slow.

And when it comes to its battery life, it’s not nearly as good as we’d hoped.

But the biggest surprise of all may be that it doesn’t have a headphone jack.

And the reason that doesn’t happen yet is because the iPhone 7 is just not a good iPhone 7 yet.

So when Apple announced the iPhone 8 in September, the company said that it was bringing its headphone jack back, at least for now.

That’s a bold claim for the phone, and it has a lot to answer for.

But it’s also a bit of a stretch to make that claim when Apple is still working on the iPhone X, and has a few weeks to get it right before the iPhone 9.

So we’re going to be taking a closer look at the iPhone lineup that Apple will release this year, and what we’re hoping for when we get to see the iPhone 10.

Read on for the five things we’re most looking forward to when the iPhone hits stores.1.

The iPhone 10 looks greatWe’ve known for a while that the iPhone is going to get a bigger display than the iPhone 6s, and Apple’s biggest selling point is that the display is the most impressive of all iPhone screens, and the most eye-catching of all screens.

And it’s pretty clear that Apple is taking a lot of that extra screen real estate and making it a good thing.

Apple says that the new iPhone 10 will have a 10.7-inch (2480 x 1440) panel that is “up to 10 percent brighter than the current iPhone 6” and “up from the current 12.7 inches,” so it’s actually brighter than anything we’ve seen before.

This will make it easier for people to see through the screen, and will also make it much easier for Apple to sell the phone to the masses.2.

Apple will ditch the home buttonNow, we’re not exactly sure what this is going be, but it’s a pretty big change for the iPhone.

And we’ve heard that Apple’s going to use a different form factor for the home screen.

That could mean a new icon that’s bigger and a new button to go back to the home menu, or it could mean something entirely different, like the home bar that’s in the bottom of the screen.

Either way, we expect to see some big changes coming to the iPhone home screen, but we’re looking forward even more to seeing what Apple has in store for the button.3.

The camera is betterThe iPhone camera is one of the best cameras around, and we think that it’s going do a better job than the one on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus.

But Apple is also getting rid of the Home button, which is going into a completely different space in the iPhone design, and replacing it with a home button that’s more like a home screen button.

This makes the camera a lot less easy to get used to, and while it’s better than the camera on the S8 or the S9, it doesn´t make it great.

Apple also said that the camera will be much smaller and lighter than before, which makes it easier to grip.

It also seems that the screen will be thinner and slimmer, making the camera easier to reach, and hopefully making the experience more intuitive for users.4.

The new Home button will replace the home cameraIn the future, you will have two ways to get to the Home screen in the future iPhone.

One is by simply swiping down from the bottom to the top of the home screens home screen bar, and then tapping on it to open up the Settings menu.

And another is to use the new Home Button.

It’s a little trickier to reach the Home Button, but this will be easier for everyone if you already have it handy.

We’ll keep an eye on this one, and let you know if you see anything that makes sense.

Apple is also going to bring back the home buttons that people used to use in the past.

The Home button on the previous iPhones was a big part of how you’d access the Home app.

And in iOS 11, Apple is bringing back that experience, too.

But now, it’ll be easier to find the Home bar, the home, the app drawer, the shortcuts menu, and even the new “back” button.5.

It looks like the iPhone will have better battery lifeWhen it comes down to it, the biggest issue with the iPhone has always been battery life.

There have been rumors of an iPhone battery that could last two to three days, but there have also been reports of iPhone batteries that could take as long as two weeks to fully charge.

And that’s a lot longer than the two to four days you’d get on most smartphones.

That doesn’t mean that the batteries of the iPhone and iPad are going to last forever.

They’ll keep improving and

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