The Federal Bureau of Investigation is working on an unprecedented plan to vaccinate people across the country against COVID before the end of the year.

The plan has already been approved by the Trump administration, but the new COVID vaccines have been in development for a year and a half, and are expected to roll out by the end, according to people familiar with the matter.

The goal is to vaccine every American by the beginning of 2021, with one of those doses going to people who live in states where the coronavirus has been found.

The effort has been described as a “massive” effort by the bureau and includes dozens of new vaccine trials, with the goal of having the COVID vaccine available by the middle of next year.

This marks the first time the bureau has attempted to roll back the clock in the way it rolled back the pandemic in the 1990s, which required a lot of testing, data collection and research.

But the effort is likely to be controversial, with critics of the vaccine program arguing that it is a public health disaster and should be abandoned, especially since the vaccine is expected to save thousands of lives.

“I’m afraid it’s going to be very, very divisive,” said Adam Smith, a professor at George Washington University and a former head of the CDC’s National Center for Emerging and Zoonotic Infectious Diseases.

“People are going to get very angry.

They’re going to take to the streets.”

Smith, who co-authored a recent book called “The End of the American Century: Why We’re Here and What We Can Do About It,” also said he would be “concerned” if the bureau continued the COVAIDS program after the expiration of the current mandate.

“If COVAIDs keeps going, it’s the most dangerous thing that has happened in the history of medicine,” Smith said.

In addition to the vaccine trials and trials, the bureau is also planning a second phase of testing COVID, which is expected later this year.

It is unclear how the program will be funded.

Some estimates have suggested that the COVS could cost as much as $1 trillion.

The Trump administration is also developing a new coronaviruses vaccine that has not been approved yet, the agency announced last week.

The new vaccine is also being tested and expected to be ready in 2019.

The agency did not say how much of the cost of the new coronivirus vaccine would go toward COVID testing.

The White House said that the coroniviral vaccine will be more cost-effective than the current COVS vaccine because the vaccine will not need to be manufactured.

The coronaviral vaccine has been criticized by some scientists and public health advocates, who say it is too expensive, and could potentially cause harm to the human body.

Some experts have said the vaccine could be a boon for people with weakened immune systems who may not be vaccinated with current coronavids.

“This coronavide is a great opportunity for us to get the most bang for the buck,” former CDC director Dr. Stephen M. Krahulik said in a statement.

“It will save lives and help the U.S. become the healthiest nation on Earth.”

Trump has repeatedly praised the coronovirus vaccine and the coronavets program.

“The coronavet vaccine is the gold standard in the world, and the United States will be the first nation to put it into practice,” he said in March.

“The only thing that will be different is the cost.

We’re going in with a bang.

This will be a game-changer.”

But some health experts have warned that this is a “bargaining chip” that could put the program in jeopardy and make it difficult to pull off the COVE vaccine program.

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