The next time you’re in a sunny Florida sun and your car is stuck in a gridlock, just think about how you could paint it.

A new report by the nonprofit solar power company SunPower says a simple solar system can save the average American about $15,000 a year by covering the car in solar panels.

Solar systems are a proven technology that is gaining momentum, and they can save money.

A solar system could cover a car from front to back with a little less than one-third of the cost of a conventional vehicle.

The report, which is based on a solar power system costing about $2,000 per year, finds solar panels are a reliable way to make the biggest impact on our environment.

SunPower has tested the system on vehicles from a Toyota Prius to a Dodge Ram pickup truck.

A car from an average-size Toyota Priuses to a Ford Fusion costs $7,500, the report says.

The Solar Energy Industry Association, a nonprofit advocacy group, says solar systems save the United States $20 billion a year on the electric grid, or about $5,500 per car.

“In 2016 alone, solar energy contributed nearly $6 billion to our electric grid and over $3 billion to the national grid, making solar energy the second-most cost-effective form of electricity generation in the U.S.,” SunPower said in a statement.

Sunpower’s report found that solar power systems could be installed on cars from the front to the rear, with about half the cost and power required to cover the vehicle in panels.

The cost of the system is about the same as a conventional solar system, but the solar panel panels are much less expensive, costing about half as much.

Sun Power’s system would need to be connected to the electric power grid in a number of ways.

The system would have to be mounted to a stationary power station, and the solar panels would have a fixed location that could be tracked by a vehicle tracking system.

The system could be mounted at the front of the car, or mounted at either end of the vehicle, or it could be connected with a solar collector that would receive sunlight from the sun.

The solar collector could collect electricity from the grid, and it would need a power supply to run the solar collector, which could have to run on batteries, SunPower’s report says, or solar panels could be used for storage.

The researchers say the solar system also requires installation of a battery, which would reduce the cost significantly.

But the solar power companies aren’t stopping there.

They also say the system would allow cars to be used as fuel cells, meaning the energy from the energy cells would be converted into electricity.

The energy would then be used to power the vehicles power plants.

This would reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions and increase the reliability of the electric system, according to SunPower.

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