A DIY car audio systems project is going viral.

A user of the car audio site, Car Audio Srs, has created a DIY system using a Raspberry Pi computer and an audio amplifier that he claims will turn the car into a sound system that can replace the factory sound system.

The project was started after he received an email from an unknown sender, who described his vehicle as a “DC Car Audio System.”

“I’m not a huge fan of the factory system, it’s too noisy and has to be manually controlled every time,” said the user in an email to CBC News.

“I wanted a way to be able to control the sound from anywhere without the need for a separate vehicle.”

The DIY system uses an amplifier to create a direct drive sound system, which uses two USB sound cards that plug into the vehicle’s stereo system.

“There’s also a preamp that I can use to turn the stereo down a bit and a speaker that will play music through the system,” the user said.

In the past, the Raspberry Pi system has been used for projects such as making a video game or computer-controlled camera. “

This system will also be able turn on the audio from the outside, so I can play music in the car while driving to my friends house or just at work.”

In the past, the Raspberry Pi system has been used for projects such as making a video game or computer-controlled camera.

The system is not intended to replace the system itself, but it will allow you to tweak the system to your own needs.

Car Audio SRS says the system will be able replace the vehicle audio system found on most new cars.

“When you buy a new car, you have to spend about $1,500 to install the system in the first place.

The car system isn’t going to replace that,” the website states.

CarAudioSrs.com says the sound system is an extension of the audio system used in a car.

A Car Audio system, according to the site, is a system in which a sound card (or speakers) is connected to a receiver and used to create sound.

Car audio systems have become increasingly popular in recent years, with more people now relying on car audio as their main source of entertainment.

Caraudio systems can be found in many modern cars, and there are even a few that have sound systems built into them.

For example, in a Mazda MX-5 Miata, a system that uses a 3.5mm stereo input is used to control an external speaker system.

But it is not just a DIY project that has raised a lot of interest on CarAudioSr.com.

A video that has gone viral on YouTube has taken a different approach, and it has taken on the look of a car audio installation, with people in different states of undress making their own sound system using the Raspberry PI.

In the video, a man in the United States is seen installing a car sound system on a truck that was previously not sound proofed.

He is then seen pulling the vehicle over and putting it in a garage for a test drive.

The man in this video says that he had to spend $600 to get the sound systems up and running.

He also says that a Raspberry PI can be used to make a car system for under $500.

The man also says the Raspberry Pis sound system can also be used as a sound source for the sound of a conversation in the home, and that it will even help people relax by letting them listen to music while they work.

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