If you’re in a rush, there’s a good chance you’ll have to settle for a cheaper Uber ride from a rival car service, as the ride-hail company is rolling out a major upgrade for its app to handle car-sharing services.

The update comes with an overhaul of the way Uber connects users with other users on the platform, according to the company.

It also adds more advanced security measures, including a system to detect and disable drivers with questionable behavior.

Uber is also rolling out an upgrade for other car-share services to handle new drivers.

The upgrade adds an additional layer of security and limits drivers’ ability to offer rides when they have other passengers.

The UberX upgrade adds a layer of control over where users are sharing rides, and includes a new feature that allows users to share rides when their friends are at home.

The company said that it plans to launch the UberX service in the coming weeks.

Uber says the new UberX feature will also enable users to get better deals from other UberX drivers and offer other perks like “discounts” on Uber-branded cars and more.

The ride-sharing service says it is rolling the new feature out to all of its users as soon as possible.

Uber did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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