Water systems are vital to our lives.

For the health of the community and the environment, water is essential.

The Queensland Government is committed to ensuring that water systems are well maintained, safe, safe for the public, and sustainable.

Queensland’s water system is highly fragmented.

The Government has invested significant resources in the planning and development of a comprehensive water management plan, which is currently underway.

The plan is expected to deliver a significant improvement to water quality and availability.

As part of the planning, water managers are working with industry, communities and stakeholders to identify areas where improvements are required.

The planning process is currently under way, and we anticipate that these improvements will be made in the water system, as well as within the wider environment.

Water systems can be a critical part of any community.

In Queensland, we are a state where the importance of water is a constant reminder that we live on the water, and need it to stay that way.

The current Queensland water plan is ambitious.

It is a significant investment, and will have a significant impact on our water system.

However, the Government has acknowledged the need for continued investment in water systems, and has pledged to support the work of water managers and water quality authorities to deliver this.

This investment will help ensure Queenslanders are prepared for the challenges ahead.

How to get in touch With the water sector, the Queensland Government’s role is to ensure that the public and businesses have access to water.

The water sector provides a vital part of our communities and provides vital services to Queenslanders, including clean water for households and businesses.

As the Queensland Water Infrastructure Agency (QWIIA) works to develop a comprehensive, water management program, we will work with the industry and community to identify key areas where the investment will benefit the water industry and the water quality of the Queensland River Basin.

QWIIA is responsible for managing and overseeing Queensland’s supply and demand of water and for supporting local communities in meeting their water needs.

Q WIIA is a Government agency.

We work closely with QWI IA and other agencies and departments to ensure Queensland’s local communities have access and are well supported in managing their water systems.

QWAI works with the Queensland Environment Agency (EIA) to develop, implement and manage the water use plan, including water systems and water treatment facilities.

The EIA works with water managers to manage water supply and discharge, water quality, and public health in Queensland.

QWIA works closely with water utilities to ensure water services are provided and services are delivered as effectively as possible.

Water utilities in Queensland must have the highest level of water quality in the State, and the best water management practices are part of their water management plans.

For more information on water management in Queensland, please visit our Water Resources and Water Supply webpage.

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