A system which helps to protect against car theft has been designed to protect people from themselves, it has been claimed.

The systems, developed by the US-based cybersecurity firm Symantec, have been put into place in the UK and the US to help ensure that car owners are not at risk.

Symantec’s chief technology officer, Mike Smith, said the systems would not only help prevent car thefts, but also protect the public from other criminals.

Symantsec, based in Santa Clara, California, said it had received thousands of applications for its car-tracking system from car buyers around the world.

The technology, developed with the help of the US Department of Defense, is intended to monitor cars for signs of vandalism or theft, such as damage to the windshield.

It will then attempt to identify the vehicles in question and help the car buyer with the details of the car.

Symansec said the system could be deployed in as little as four hours.

It has also been developed to help prevent the sale of a stolen car in the first place.

Symantisec has received applications for the system from both the US government and car dealers in the states.

The firm said the application process had been completed by May 15, and the final approval for the vehicle tracking system is expected to be made by the end of the month.

Mr Smith said Symantech had been working with local law enforcement agencies and the FBI to develop the systems, which will have an effective lifetime of five years.

“We are building this system to be used by all car owners, not just those with a car,” he said.

“This is about helping the people who need it the most.”

Symantech said it was confident that the system would help reduce car theft and that it had been developed in response to “an increasing need” for vehicle tracking technology in the market.

“In this age of online shopping and the internet, the need for reliable vehicle tracking is increasing,” it said. 

Symantek said it would be providing a technical advisory board to help it develop the system, which is expected in a few weeks time.

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