Tomix, a Japanese startup, has launched its Car Start System (CS) for cars, which enables them to start automatically if their system detects an emergency.

The CS allows cars to start without the need for a driver, and also provides information about the engine’s power and the distance from the driver’s seat, as well as other parameters.

Tomix has launched the CS in India.

“The CS is a way to connect car owners to the car without the driver having to interact with them,” says Ajay Kumar, CEO of Tomix.

“We will be launching in more than a dozen cities across the country over the next two years, including Mumbai and Ahmedabad.”

According to Kumar, cars should start to function normally after a driver has spoken to them.

The CS also allows cars and owners to interact, and can even connect via smartphone or tablet.

According to Tomix’s CS, cars that are equipped with Tomix CS can start to operate without a driver.

This means that the cars can travel safely on roads without any issues.

The system will be made available to the public on October 6, and will cost Rs 20,000 (about $26,000).

“There are many features in our CS system that will be useful to car owners, but I am particularly keen on the one that makes cars feel alive and alert,” Kumar told The Hindu.

“There are several sensors that detect the car engine’s voltage and current.

We are also adding sensors that can detect the time of day, temperature, humidity and pressure.

These sensors will also help to monitor the driver and their surroundings and even let the car know if they are having trouble breathing.”

The CS can also detect if the driver has fallen asleep and automatically wake them up if they wake up, if the temperature is too high, or if the vehicle has a problem with air conditioning.

The car will also provide an alarm if the air conditioning system is faulty.

The car owners will also be able to access their car’s data through the CS.

This data will include mileage, speed, the engine, the car model and the fuel consumption.

The data can be accessed by a smartphone or a tablet.

The Tomix Cars are designed to be lightweight, low-cost, and easily transported, and it has already made it to cities in the United States and Europe.

It is currently in talks with automakers to launch in the US.

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