The Tesla Model 3 is now available to order in the US, and that means the company is going to make a few changes to its lineup.

While we’re still not entirely sure what those changes will be, we do know that the company will be unveiling a new all‑electric sedan in early December.

This new vehicle will likely be called the Model 3 and will reportedly be available to buy from the end of the year.

The new sedan will likely sport an all-wheel drive system and possibly an optional front-wheel-drive configuration, according to the company.

While this sedan is not entirely clear, it does suggest that Tesla is aiming to make the Model S-like sedan it introduced in 2019 the company’s new standard all-terrain vehicle.

And we’ve already seen the new Model 3 in action.

It is, to put it mildly, a stunning design.

The all-new Model 3 has the same cabin and interior design as the Model X, which is also an all‑wheel drive vehicle.

The only major difference between the two is the presence of a big battery pack, which will help the new vehicle reach its destination faster.

The new Model S sedan is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, and it will get a turbocharged four-speed manual transmission.

The two-seat model will get an all­wheel drive option, while the three-seat Model 3 will get the all-axle option.

The Model 3 model has been under development since 2016 and will debut in 2019.

The company will likely unveil a number of new features at this time, but at the moment, there are a few things we don’t know about.

For starters, we don.

The Model 3 sedan won’t be the first all-electrified SUV, but it will likely share the same platform as the Chevy Bolt EV.

And unlike the Model 1, there won’t really be a “first all-Electrified SUV,” since it will still be built on the existing Model S platform.

There is, however, one important thing that we do have a pretty good idea about, so far.

That is the interior.

The interior will likely feature an array of sensors that will allow it to track speed and distance and will possibly offer driver assistance.

We know that Tesla will likely offer an all‐wheel drive model, but the Model 2 sedan has had this feature in the past.

That means the new car may have a rear-seat capability, too.

The automaker has also reportedly talked about a “smart roof” that will help drivers navigate the carpool lanes.

The carmaker has also said it will offer a “sensor suite” that can automatically adjust the driver’s environment based on what they’re doing and what they are seeing.

That all sounds pretty good, but we’ll have to wait and see what else the new all‐electric car might offer before we can make a definitive decision about whether the Model III will be Tesla’s new SUV.

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