Car mechanical systems are used to replace and/or repair most cars, trucks, and SUVs, but many owners do not fully understand how to replace or replace their cars’ engines, brakes or transmissions.

Here are some of the major components that are used in these systems, how they work, and how to get them replaced.

The following is a list of the components that make up a car’s vehicle mechanical systems.

This list will not include all of the mechanical systems found on some of our favorite cars.

If you know any other components that need to be replaced or replaced, please share them in the comments section.1.

Transmission and Drivetrain2.

Brakes and Steering3.

Suspension and Control4.

Coolant and Fuel5.

Transmission Gears6.

Brake Locks7.


Cooling System9.

Engine Cooling10.

Transmission Pumps11.

Fuel Pump12.

Air Conditioning13.

Engine Heat Reel14.

Oil Cooler15.

Cooler System16.

Gas Cooler17.

Transmission Coolant18.


Fuel System20.

Engine Oil21.

Fuel Tank22.

Fuel Pumps23.

Cooled Air Tank24.

Fuel Cooler25.

Cool Fuel Tank26.

Cool Engine Coolant27.

Cool Fan28.

Cool Shafts29.

Transmission Shaft30.

Transmission Springs31.

Transmission Mounting32.

Transmission Lubricating System33.

Transmission Bolts34.

Transmission Clutch35.

Transmission Oil36.

Transmission Capacitors37.

Transmission Control Units38.

Transmission Fluid39.

Transmission Housing40.

Transmission Headers41.

Transmission Exhausts42.

Transmission Transmission Mounts43.

Transmission Fuel Lines44.

Transmission Tires45.

Transmission Gearshafts46.

Transmission Torque Converters47.

Transmission Pulleys48.

Transmission Power Unit49.

Transmission Servos50.

Transmission Cylinders51.

Transmission Valve Clamps52.

Transmission Steering53.

Transmission Belt Hangers54.

Transmission Brake Pads55.

Transmission Sprocket Clamps56.

Transmission Throttle Shaft57.

Transmission Interlock Brakes58.

Transmission Suspension Gearshifts59.

Transmission Wheel Mounts60.

Transmission Wheels61.

Transmission Spring Bars62.

Transmission Front Wheel Pads63.

Transmission Rear Wheel Paps64.

Transmission Body Mounts65.

Transmission Side Brake Flaps66.

Transmission Fenders67.

Transmission Air Suspension Brakes68.

Transmission Bumpers69.

Transmission Engine Coolers70.

Transmission Chassis Bolts71.

Transmission Camshaft Bolts72.

Transmission Intake Systems73.

Transmission Gas Chassis74.

Transmission Ground Brake Systems75.

Transmission Hydraulic Systems76.

Transmission Injectors77.

Transmission O-rings78.

Transmission Pistons79.

Transmission Rotors80.

Transmission Drivester Rods81.

Transmission Pressure Washers82.

Transmission Plumbing System83.

Transmission Hoses84.

Transmission Panels85.

Transmission Condenser Rods86.

Transmission Coil Coolers87.

Transmission Electrical Components88.

Transmission Drive Train90.

Transmission Rods91.

Transmission Water Heaters92.

Transmission Electric Components93.

Transmission Converters94.

Transmission Combustion Reactors95.

Transmission Compression Reactors96.

Transmission Discharge Air Exchangers97.

Transmission Alternator Fluid98.

Transmission Generator Fluid99.

Transmission Reactor Components100.

Transmission Moulding components101.

Transmission Assembly Components102.

Transmission Scrapmetal Clips103.

Transmission Steel Core Components104.

Transmission Carbon Composite Composite Components105.

Transmission Flexible Composite Components106.

Transmission Molded Alloy Components107.

Transmission Metal Clips108.

Transmission Plastic Composite Components109.

Transmission Welding Components110.

Transmission Electrostatic Capacitor Components111.

Transmission Magnetron Parts112.

Transmission Electrically Conductive Parts113.

Transmission Liquid-cooled Components114.

Transmission Magnetic Conductors115.

Transmission Heat Shield Components116.

Transmission Solid-state Components117.

Transmission Thermal Compensators118.

Transmission Low-voltage Conductors119.

Transmission Radial Heat Shield Parts120.

Transmission Resistive Coatings121.

Transmission Radiation Dispersions122.

Transmission Transistor Components123.

Transmission Antennas and Transistor Capacitors124.

Transmission Radio Circuit Components125.

Transmission Controlling Equipment126.

Transmission Amplifier Parts127.

Transmission Circuit Components128.

Transmission Components129.

Transmission Motorcycle Components130.

Transmission Electronics and Systems131.

Transmission Accessories132.

Transmission Parts133.

Transmission Controls134.

Transmission Speed Control135.

Transmission Switching and Transmitting136.

Transmission Battery and Battery Control Systems137.

Transmission Systems138.

Transmission Diagnostic Tools139.

Transmission Detailing Systems140.

Transmission Tuning Systems141.

Transmission Performance Parts142.

Transmission Racing Parts143.

Transmission Specialized Parts144.

Transmission Trains145.

Transmission Kits146.

Transmission Charging

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