The Indianapolis Colts have unveiled the latest in a series of advanced systems designed to help the team manage the challenges of playing in a hostile environment.

The team will be using two new “jammer” systems, which are part of a system called advanced system control, which the team says is “a comprehensive, highly sophisticated, multi-disciplinary approach to managing the complex environment in which our players and coaches operate.”

The team is using two of these devices in the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

The two devices work with the team’s advanced ball security system.

“This year’s Advanced System Control (ASC) has undergone several major updates to include a wide range of additional hardware and software upgrades,” the team said in a statement.

“We are excited to continue to improve the safety of our players, coaches, and the fans through these upgrades.”

The “Jammer” system is a “new-generation, high-tech, ball-in-play prevention system,” according to the team.

It’s a large, metal and carbon fiber device with a high-energy beam designed to block the path of a ball when it comes within 1,000 feet of a player.

The “Advanced System Control” is designed to “control the ball as it passes through a player’s field of vision and to detect and stop the ball before it reaches the goal line,” according the team website.

The two devices are part.

The “Advanced Systems Control” can detect a player or team passing through a target area, and it can also be used to “monitor, monitor, monitor” and “monitor” and stop “jamming” a ball.

The jammer is made up of a two-piece metal shield and a small plastic “jamber” that is attached to the outside of the shield.

It uses a ball-shaped “tack” to “jam” the ball, and an infrared sensor inside the “tackle box” that will detect when a ball is within 1.3 meters of the jammer.

It works similar to the “siren” technology used by the Oakland Raiders, the team announced Monday.

The Raiders have been using the device for years and the team has been using it in its stadium.

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