Transport for NSW says it is working to install a car crash system in every house by 2020.

Key points:The government says the new system will cover a range of needs including medical care, personal care, recreation, and emergency servicesThe system will include a range to cover personal care and recreationThe system is being developed in partnership with the Department of Health and the State GovernmentTransport for NSW said the new crash system would cover a variety of needs, including medical services, personal caring, recreation and emergency and emergency response.

The government will install the system by the end of 2021, with a focus on those areas where people have the greatest need.

“By the end a decade from now, there will be a car safety system that will cover more than one million people,” Minister for Health Jill Hennessy said.

“It will be able to respond to the latest safety issues and it will provide a range and variety of personal care services and emergency care.”

These services will be available to everyone, and will include home care, day care, community care, emergency medical services and all of the other things you can expect to see when people go into their home and have to take care of themselves.

“Transport Minister for Transport David Gillespie said the system would be designed with the needs of people in mind.”

I think the way we look at it, we’ve got a very high need, but also a very low capacity and a very important role in ensuring we have the highest standards of care in our community,” he said.”

It is not just a matter of increasing capacity but actually increasing the capability of the system.”

What’s new in 2017?

Read moreNew road safety laws passedThe Minister for Roads, Infrastructure and Regional Development, Mark Scott, said the government had made “significant progress” in recent years to improve road safety, including improving road and rail infrastructure.

“The system we’re installing will be the most comprehensive system to date for crash safety in NSW,” he told reporters.

“As well as being the safest in the country, it will have the capability to deal with an extremely large number of collisions and other incidents and to deal at a much faster rate.”

Mr Scott said the plan to install the car crash safety system in all new homes was a priority for the Government.

“There’s a lot of people who will need that system and it’s one of the things we’ve been focussing on, the fact that we’ve had so much improvement in the past year, it’s important we put that system in the right place, right now,” he added.’

Our best and brightest’The new system, which will include information on vehicle speeds and other safety information, will be used to provide a better understanding of the risks associated with driving.

“That information will then be used by our crash investigators to determine what needs to be done to make sure we get that system into the homes,” Mr Scott said.

The State Government has said it is keen to see the system installed in all homes by 2021.

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