A new system that Tesla built in Alaska will soon be installed on a new Tesla Model S. The system, called the Alpine Car System, is expected to help boost sales by up to 50% in the coming months.

A Tesla spokeswoman confirmed to The Wall Streets Journal that the Alpine system is still in the prototype stage, and the system has not been certified for use on the Model S, which is expected in 2018.

Tesla has a fleet of about 60 cars, which it leases to various customers.

The Alpine system uses high-pressure water, which helps keep the car in a steady position and can increase stability.

The Alpine system works like this: When a driver comes out of a parking space and sees water on the car’s floor, the system automatically lowers the vehicle to a standing position.

This system, which Tesla calls the Alpine Elevator, is designed to help drivers maintain balance during long-distance driving.

To install the system, the carmaker installed a new Alpine Elevatorside, a large, vertical, aluminum lift system that allows it to be lowered from a parking lot into a parking spot.

The company installed the Alpine Lift in 2018 to help with the Alpine car system.

Tesla is hoping that the system will help its Model S drivers feel more confident, and that it will help boost its sales.

“With the Alpine elevatorside system, we have the ability to provide a new level of safety to our customers who are using Tesla vehicles,” the company wrote on its website.

In 2018, the company installed a Tesla car in Alaska.

Alpine has installed more than 30 Alpine elevator systems in its service areas across the United States.

For more on Tesla, check out this WSJ article.

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