In 2017, when the world was still buzzing about the election of Donald Trump, car-related news dominated headlines around the globe.

Cars, cars, cars.

And it was all happening in the United States.

As the US presidential election campaign entered its final weeks, the news dominated social media and on TV.

The media, of course, is not the only place where we find car-focused news.

In the United Kingdom, for example, the car-themed news has been on TV and in the news every day since October.

A recent study, however, suggests that news coverage of the election cycle is significantly more likely to focus on cars than cars themselves.

It found that coverage of US elections is dominated by cars, with the biggest share of coverage focused on the vehicles themselves, and not on the US economy.

This is because, as the research by researchers from Warwick University found, Americans are less interested in cars as an economic indicator, and instead, they’re more interested in jobs and the future.

Car-focused coverage of election coverage has also become more intense, with a third of the coverage focusing on cars in the last week of the campaign, compared with only one in five in the first week.

And the study also found that car-centric coverage of candidates is most effective when they are linked to an economic sector.

More than half of all coverage focused only on the car companies, the report found.

These results highlight the importance of the car as a vehicle of choice, says Andrew Stobart, professor of business journalism at Warwick University.

He explains that the car is a powerful, iconic symbol of American identity and prosperity, but that it’s also an object of fascination and criticism, because of its ability to move people around.

Stobart says it’s important for media to understand how Americans see cars, and how they feel about them.

“We need to understand that our perception of cars is not an absolute measure of what Americans think of us,” he says.

For example, in a survey of more than 6,000 British adults, nearly one in three Britons said they would consider buying a car if given the opportunity, compared to just over one in four in America.

Another survey, this one conducted in the US, found that only 26 per cent of Americans thought cars should be a primary way of transportation, compared the same figure in the UK.

If Americans want to improve their image of cars, Stoborts advice would be to make it a point to show them how they can use the car more.

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