Toyota is adding the first of a series of electric vehicle wire harnesses to its line of car wiring accessories.

The first kit includes a new wire harness for the Toyota Connect package, the plug-in hybrid plug-and-play electric car charging station, and the new Toyota Hybrid Charge and ChargePort electric car chargers.

The Toyota Connect kit is the latest in a long line of accessories for electric cars that include charging stations and the Toyota EV Charger, which will be the first electric car with a plug-ins hybrid charging system that will offer an EV charging range of 100 miles.

The Connect kit also includes the Plug-in Hybrid Plug-and and Play Electric car charger, which is powered by the Toyota Powertrain module and features a 5.5 kilowatt-hour battery, which can be charged by plugging it into the EV Charging Module.

Toyota also has the Plug Plug-In Hybrid Plug and Play EV Chargers, which include a 3.6 kilowatts battery and plug it into either the Toyota Hybrid Charger or Toyota EV Chargeport.

Toyota has been adding more electric car wires and accessories to its lineup of car wires over the past few years, including the Toyota Charge and Powerport, which has an EV charge range of over 200 miles, and a Toyota Connect plug-In hybrid charging station that offers an EV power range of 75 miles.

The plug-into hybrid plug and play electric car charger is the first car wiring accessory to be offered by Toyota, and Toyota is launching a new series of accessories, including a new Toyota Connect wire harness, next month.

The Toyota Connect Plug-IN hybrid plug charging station and Toyota EV chargeport charger, both of which are also available as separate accessories, will be available starting April 30 for $749, and are available at Toyota dealerships and Toyota retail outlets.

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