Posted March 14, 2019 08:23:25If you’re a regular reader of our Crypto Coins news site, you probably have seen the Parrots latest device, the Parro smartwatch, in action at the 2018 RoboGames in the UK.

The Parrot is a highly anticipated device due to its impressive features and the fact that it has an advanced voice-controlled system.

The device is designed to have a voice-activated system that uses a smartphone app.

The software for the system was developed by Parrot, but has been developed by a different company called Kroll.

The Kroll system is the same as the Parros, but uses a combination of artificial intelligence and speech recognition to provide a voice assistant interface that users can interact with.

You can read about the Kroll technology at Parrot’s website.

If you’ve been following Parro’s news for some time, you may be familiar with the Parroid platform.

The company has had some success in creating its own hardware and software.

The system, however, is designed for the mass market.

The latest Parrot devices, the KRO series, include a large, white, flat screen, with a 4K display.

The devices come in a range of color options, and feature a built-in speaker system.

The KRO devices have the same design as the previous Parrot models, but offer a few changes.

The first is the addition of an accelerometer, which is used to determine the user’s position in space, and the second is the inclusion of a gyroscope, which determines the orientation of the device and the direction it’s facing.

The second device is called the KREX series, and is an updated iteration of the Parotron.

The Parrot KRO Series is available now, and includes a 2,900mAh battery, and offers up to a 16-hour battery life.

It has a 13MP camera with a resolution of 1080p, which should give you some good shots.

It also has an 8MP front-facing camera.

The smartphone app is powered by the ParoidOS mobile operating system, and has a number of customization options.

The most notable change is the ability to configure the device with multiple cameras, which gives you an additional level of control over the device.

The most notable feature of the KTR-X is the large, 12MP selfie camera, which has a resolution up to 1080p.

You also get a 13-megapixel front-facing camera and a 5-megapixels rear-faced camera.

There are also a variety of other features on offer, including the ability for the KRYX-R, KRYG, and KRYZ to be used with other Parrot products, as well as the ability of the system to control your Parrot with a smartphone or tablet.

The device itself is very small, weighing in at 4.5mm thick and weighing in just over 1kg.

It weighs in at just under 5.5 ounces, and packs a battery that lasts for up to 20 hours of continuous use.

The phone app is also very light, measuring just 3.2g.

The pricing of the devices is quite competitive.

The $799 KRO-X features a 16MP rear-facing cam, an 8mp front-side camera, and a 3.5W charger.

It comes with a 13mp front facing camera, 2GB of storage, and can be connected to an optional accessory for $249.

There’s also a KRY-R and KGR-R with a 10-megabattery battery, with pricing for each at $799.

The accessories for the device can be purchased separately.

The $899 KRO KRO has a 10MP front facing cam, a 2.1W charger, and 16GB of onboard storage.

It features a 5MP rear facing camera and 2.5G of storage.

The accessory for the phone costs $799, and it includes the ability and accessory for other Parro devices to be controlled with a phone or tablet app.

The prices of the remaining devices are similar to the KRX-X, and are available on the KKX-5, KKRO-3, and all the devices in the KGR series.

The price for the first three Parrot Smartwatches is $699, $799 for the latest KRO, and $1,499 for the Paro.

If the Kro, KGR, and Parro systems are your thing, you’ll be pleased to know that they also come with a KRO Plus system.

This is a new system for the company that comes with additional features, such as a fingerprint scanner, and will also allow you to control the device via a smartphone, tablet, or even an Android phone.

The new system comes with an 8-megabit WiFi network, Bluetooth, a gyrosc

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