In December, it was reported that California has ordered over 3,000 hydraulic system cars to be cleaned with a disinfectant that’s not yet available.

But that’s just the beginning.

The state has also ordered over 2,000 car dryers to be scrubbed with disinfectant, and the state is requiring car cleaners to disinfect their own equipment as well.

The state is also investigating whether some cars were leaking.

It’s not just cars that are being tested.

Last week, a new California law was approved that allows the state to force car cleaning companies to disinfect all cars and trucks with disinfectants if the state deems the chemicals unsafe.

In a statement to NBC Bay Area, the California Clean Air Agency said it “would not speculate on whether a particular car was tested and that testing is currently underway.”

The agency also noted that the Clean Air Act does not apply to cleaning vehicles.

As it stands, the state has not said how many cars and truck cleaning systems are being required to be tested or how many of those systems have already been disinfected.

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