The iPhone has been a big deal in India for years.

But in the past few years, the iPhone has seen an increase in popularity in India, with Apple selling more than 60 million iPhones globally.

The iPhone 7 Plus is the first iPhone to feature a special camera that uses infrared light to track the vehicle and track the user.

This new feature makes it easy to track a car using infrared technology and has been popular with drivers, says the Apple official blog.

The new feature, called “car communication”, lets you control the car using voice commands, says Apple.

Apple said it also developed the “Apple Car Assistant” app that will be used by more than 100 million Apple devices to help drivers with navigation and safety issues.

But with the launch of the iPhone 7, the company has also come out with a new feature for the car system that is expected to be available on more iPhones.

This will be the first feature to let users control the vehicle using voice, and it will be integrated into Apple’s CarPlay app.

This is not the first time Apple has used infrared technology to control a car.

Apple launched the CarPlay system with iOS 8, and Apple introduced a similar feature with iOS 9.

But this new feature is more advanced than that.

Apple is using infrared to make a phone call and then turning it into a car control system.

The company is working on a similar system for the iPhone, and this will be available later this year, says Google.

The Apple Car Assistant is already available for Android phones, but this new system will be for iPhones.

Google has not yet announced the feature on iOS, but we imagine it will come to the iPhone as soon as iOS 9 is released.

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