You don’t need a laptop or a tablet to build a car system, but it would be cool to use a phone instead.

That’s because an Android smartphone could become a car control system that can control the car in real time.

That could be a big advantage for a carmaker, because an iPhone would give a car owner an instant feedback on where they need to move to.

“You can get pretty good data about where the driver is at, the speed, the fuel flow, and so forth,” said John Schott, an analyst with Bernstein Research who’s worked with automotive manufacturers.

That can give a lot of useful information, but that data doesn’t have to be in the form of a map or a dashboard that everyone in the car knows.

A car could also take over for a human driver, since it’s more capable.

“It can actually make sense of what the human driver is doing and give them the direction and the speed of the car to follow,” Schott said.

The car could be able to communicate with an iPhone app that could even show a real-time map and map the route.

For now, though, Schott says, you can’t build a fully autonomous car in your garage.

The cars are still too new for that.

“This is not something you’re going to get in your driveway anytime soon,” he said.

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