Caro’s CEO is facing criticism after sharing personal data about him with a blogger.

Caro Systems, the manufacturer of cars, boats and helicopters, fired Caro Chief Operating Officer, Nick Caro, in the wake of a series of online articles that he published about his own personal data and finances.

Caros personal information included a screenshot of his bank account, his credit card and a list of his friends.

Caro said that he had not shared this information with anyone outside of the company.

Caros personal data was then shared with a blog by blogger and former employee, Tom Dickson, who is now a freelance journalist.

Dickson told News24 that Caro is being “totally honest” about his personal finances and that Caros data sharing was done in a way that is “in line with Caro and Caro Systems policies”.

Dickson, now a freelancer, said Caro had previously shared information about himself with people, including his wife, and had not been able to “get past the fact that he did it”.

“He knew it was going to happen and it’s still happening.

It’s a sad situation, but it’s also a good thing,” Dickson said.

He also said that Carocos personal and financial information would not be shared outside Caro systems, and that it would not occur again.

“This is the last time I’ll ever work for Caro.

He’s a really, really good person, but he’s been through a lot.

I think this is really, truly tragic,” Dison said.

Caroes former chief executive, Nick Leong, said the company has “absolutely no tolerance” for “unprofessional and inappropriate” conduct by its employees.

“We take the actions necessary to protect our people, our brands and our employees and our brands have been impacted by this conduct,” Leong said in a statement.

“The Caro family and its brand is stronger than ever, as it continues to grow.”

Caro, the world’s largest manufacturer of helicopter systems, is one of Australia’s largest car companies, with sales of over $1 billion a year.

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