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24x7 Live Tracking

Enables the vehicle to be in the watchful eye 24x7, reducing the possibility of theft.

Real Time Tracking

Enables you to track in real time (present time) with exact location coordinates

Geo Fencing

Assign one or more geo-fences (safe zones) to your vehicle and get alerted every time the vehicle enters or exits this area

Dual Pad SIM Module / e-SIM

Device is supported via dual pad SIM module i.e. normal SIM and provision for e-SIM

Sleep Mode

When the device is in STOP mode, through this feature, device goes into sleep mode, resulting in saving vehicle battery

Vehicle Finder

This feature helps to locating the particular vehicle parked at a specific location.

No Wire Cutting - Coupler to Coupler Fitting

Device fitting is done without cutting a single wire inside the vehicle. It is done through coupler to coupler fitting.

Device Disconnect Alert

Every time the GPS device is disconnected from the vehicle, an alert is sent to the user. This is an anti-theft enforcer.

Driver Behaviour

Notifies driver performance about sharp turn, harsh break, acceleration etc. Such data can moderate the driver behavior.

Power Cut Off

If the power is cutoff i.e either battery is removed or the power wire is cut, an alert will be sent to the user instantly.

Overspeed Alert

Get the notification whenever you exceed a speed limit. You can set the speed limit through our app.

Anti Theft Alarm / Safe Mode

Safe mode activates an anti0theft alert every time the engine is switched on .

Towed Alert

Irrespective of whether the engine is on or off, you get alert when the vehicle is towed away anytime, anywhere.

AC Alert

Alert notification whenever AC is switched ON/OFF, resulting in judicial use of AC.

Door Alert

In case the door is forced open for a parked vehicle, an instant alarm is sent to the user notifying .him to intervene.

Alert Me

Notifies you when a vehicle is idle or stops moving for more than 5 minutes while on a particular/important journey.

Device Battery Alert

An alert is sent to the user if the power of the battery of the GPS device reduces to a threshold value.

Engine Immobilizer

This is an anti-theft features, activated when user finds that his vehicle is on the move without his permission. It either cuts off the power or fuel to the engine to enforce a hard stop.

Idle time Alert

Notifies when a vehicle is idle or stopped for more than required time. This feature enhances operational efficiency.

Ignition on / off Alert

An alert is sent to the user every time his vehicle is switched on or off. This is an anti-theft features.

Offline GPS Data

en if the device is offline (GPRS not available/GPS available), device stores location data and posts to server when the device is online.

Internal Siren Alarm

This feature runs with an additional button, when pressed it creates high decibel siren sound to alert the neighbor hood of an unwanted /emergency situation. This is a safety enforcer.

Zone Alert

You get notifications when a vehicle enters or exits a particular zone/area. Your app can create such a zone for you.

Parking Alert

App notifies you when our vehicle is parked in a particular zone.

SOS -Panic Button / Alert

As a safety enforcer, panic alert is activated incase of an emergency. Either the passenger or the driver has to press the panic button to activate an alert.

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OS Independent

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Live Share and Stay Connected

Share lcoation and chat while see live

Summarized Dashboard

Speed, AC, Fuel, Location, Behavior, Street view, idel time

24 x 7 Support

Any time assistance


Data Playback for damage, legal & insurance claim

Simple to use Friendy User Iterface

Group Monitoring

Same App cam monitor multiple device/vehicles

Multi-Purpopse reports

Reports basd on high end data analytics and artificial intelligence

60/90 days History with Multiple Reports and Graphs

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